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Payment Options

We accept cash, check, and major credit cards for payment at time of purchase as well as offer Rent To Own and Third Party Financing on our products.

Payment on Delivery

When you place your order with Ulrich Barn Builders Of California, we collect a 50% deposit. You pay the balance when we deliver and install your building. On larger construction projects, payments may be structured with a deposit followed by multiple draws with a final balance at the completion of the project. These options give you some time between payments.



Tired of driving across town to get your Christmas decorations? Ready to get your own workshop?

Rent-To-Own is a popular alternative to commercial storage units. All Rent-To-Own contracts are for 3 years, with the monthly rate depending on the unit you select. The price paid per square foot of storage space is competitive with self-storage rates. Owning your own mini barn, garden shed or garage is simple.

Get an Ulrich Barns Rent-To-Own building today! No credit required and only 10-20% down.


  1. No Credit Required.
  2. Only first payment and deposit needed to get started.
  3. Conveniently placed in your backyard instead of uptown (where you cannot keep an eye on who may be loitering around your storage unit).
  4. Can very conveniently be added to your home owner’s insurance, etc. (we strongly encourage this)
  5. It’s yours in only 3 years the equal of 36 months. Rent it for only 3 years and own it for a lifetime.
  6. Delivered to your backyard.
  7. Have your own personalized, custom ordered storage building. Your pick of size, where the doors are located, if you want windows, etc.

Put only the first and last month’s rent down and have your building delivered to your backyard. There is no credit required!

Flexible Rent To Own Payments

55% of each month’s rent paid is automatically applied to the cash price, whereas in a typical storage unit 0% of your monthly rent applies to the cash price, (which means you will never own it.)

You can pay it off early with no early payoff penalties.

If you no longer have a need for the shed or have a financial crisis and cannot make the monthly payments, all you need to do is pay the rent through the day that the building is picked up by us. As long as there are no delinquent payments this would not affect your credit since it is the great Rent-to-Own program.

Rent To Own Program not available in all areas. Call us for more information

Already a Rent To Own customer? Click here to make a payment.



Ulrich Barn Builders Of California offers you third party financing for purchases over $5000 through LightStream a division of SunTrust Bank. Apply here then visit our sales office to design your building and place your order.

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