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Presidential Utility Shed


Our Utility sheds are carefully hand-crafted ensuring strength, durability, stability, and visual appeal. One would be a perfect addition to your garden or yard. Utility Sheds are a tasteful structure that compliments the yard or garden while providing functionality.

Our Presidential Series starts with an 8X8 and is available up to a 14X40.

Utility Sheds are places to keep potting materials, garden tools, rakes, shovels, lawnmowers, and other tools. However you choose to use your Utility Shed, you have the opportunity to add charm to the yard or garden and beauty to your property.

Get the double door option and make it easier to move larger items in and out or add a window or two and use it for something more than just storage. With so many possibilites, the Utility Shed is right for everyone. Your imagination is the limit to the uses of this building.

Descriptions below with * show the benefits of our Presidential Series over the Champion Series Line of Sheds

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Build Quality

Foundation 4×6 ACQ pressure treated skids running the length of the building
50 yr pressure treated wood
Wall Height *7′ 1-1/2″ interior floor to top plate
Framing 16″ On Center
Double Top Plates on all walls
Floor 16″ O.C. joist (pressure treated) with 5/8″ AC Plywood Sheathing
Exterior 50 year LP SmartSide Siding & Trim
Roof Lifetime (30 year) dimensional shingles
#15 Roofing Felt
Aluminum drip edge
*Radiant barrier roof sheathing
Vents *Roof Ridge Vent (Cor-A-Vent V300) running building peak length
*Eve Vents (Cor-A-Vent S400)
Color Sherwin Williams Lifetime Duration paint, base price includes 2 of 18 standard colors
Door(s) 36″ wide wood door by *6’8″ high (meets CA fire code)
*Aluminum sill plate along door opening
*12″ Heavy Duty Security Hinges
Warranty Lifetime Limited
*Presidential Series Advantages


Roof Ridge Vent (Cor-A-Vent V300) Eve Vents (Cor-A-Vent S400)


Paint Colors

Extra White

Inviting Ivory

Tantalizing Teal


Wool Skein



Hunt Club



Sticks & Stones

Barn Red


Downing Earth


Repose Gray


Tricorn Black

Roof Colors

Light Grey

Dark Grey



Light Brown

Dark Brown


Upgrade Options

  • #15 felt under shingles (per sq. ft. on floor) $.50
  • 14″ Octagon Window (Single Pane) available in White or Brown $95
  • 14″X20″ Window (Single Pane) available in White or Brown $95
  • 16″ Shelves 7/16″ OSB top ($5 per linear foot)
  • 18″ Half Round (Single Pane) available in White only $95
  • 24″ Workbench 3/4″ CDX top (per linear foot) $6.50
  • 24″X24″ Sky Light $95
  • 24″X36″ Window (Single Pane) available in White or Brown $120
  • 30″X36″ Window (Single Pane) available in White or Brown $135
  • 36″ Steel Door w/9 lite glass $385 (may require optional tall walls depending on placement)
  • 36″ Steel Door w/9Lite glass $385 (available only in end wall)
  • 36″X48″ Insulated Windows available in white special order in brown $275
  • 72″ Reversed Gable $500
  • 8’X7′ Alum. Garage Door $750 (must be in end wall)
  • Anchoring into Concrete $175
  • Anchoring into Dirt (lateral shift only) $96
  • Anchoring into Dirt w/Hold Down Per Building Code $250
  • Extra Foundation Skids (per linear ft.) $2
  • Finish Interior: Insulate floor ceiling & walls with 1X6 T&G on ceiling and walls (per sq. ft. of floor) $20
  • Metal Roof
  • Ramp (set of 2) $75
  • Solar Light 24 Super Bright LED Bulbs $149.99
  • Solar Light 6 Super Bright White LED $69.99
  • Storage Lofts- $3.50 per Sq. Ft.
  • Tall Walls 7’9″ floor to ceiling, may require build on site in some applications (per linear foot) $5
  • Upgrade 36″ Single Door to 36″ Double Doors $125
  • Upgrade Foundation to 4X6 Skids (per ft. of skid) $1
  • Upgrade to 16″ On Center Trusses (per linear foot of wall) $4
  • Heavy Duty Spring Latch on Optional Secondary Door
  • Heavy Duty Drop Bolt on Optional Secondary Door


Presidential Series Limited Warranty

For as long as you are in your home all our sheds, barns, cottages etc. are warranted for a lifetime. There are some exceptions of course. We do not cover labor component repairs required as a result of:

  2. This warranty shall not apply to any Dry Creek Mini Barn product or any part thereof which has been damaged by fire, flood, water, earthquake, earth movement, hail, wind, adverse weather conditions, vandalism, theft, act of God, accident or other event, or a casualty.
  3. Moving the building from where it was originally placed: unless moved by Dry Creek Mini Barns and/or Dry Creek Rentals.
  4. Warranty applies to only NEW buildings and is not transferable to another owner.
  5. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, mishandling, alteration, neglect, or improper maintenance.
  6. Failure of a manufactured component such as delaminating plywood or siding. These items are covered by the manufacturer.
  7. Deferred maintenance. Our buildings are made of wood which requires periodic maintenance on the part of the end user. Failure to paint and / or stain the exterior wood components when normally required will void your entire warranty.
  8. Exposure to extreme elements, wet, dry, heat or cold.
  9. Failure to provide adequate ventilation and drainage under your building.
  10. Failure to provide a level pad for your building.
  11. Dry Creek is not in any way responsible for contents of building.

If you purchased your building painted we will warranty the paint from pealing, chipping and cracking under normal circumstances for the first five years of ownership.

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